Roy'zzz Premium Cannabis

About Us

Guided by Roy’s vision, Roy’zzz Premium Cannabis is dedicated to crafting premium artisanal cannabis products and building community around the cannabis lifestyle. We started as a small team of passionate cultivators and have grown into a full-scale premium cannabis company – but we still operate like a family.


Roy’zzz is composed of lifelong enthusiasts who see cannabis as our calling and our craft. Our team includes expert cultivators, extractors, product developers, retailers and community organizers, united by our passion for the plant. We bring decades of combined experience in horticulture, business, science, and hospitality.


At Roy’zzz, we take pride in our craft from seed to sale. Above all, we aim to spread good vibes by enhancing life’s special moments through quality cannabis.

Our Mission

Our Essence

With Roy’zzz, you get more than just quality cannabis products – you get an experience centered around living joyfully in the present moment.

We take pride in our craft, from seed to sale, so you can trust in our reliability and consistency. And we aim to build community, not just sell products.



The cannabis industry has been ”underground” for too long. Time to bring its potential to light! We’re here to end the stigma and show everyone how cannabis can enhance your lifestyle! Our bright colors and bold logo will be recognizable anywhere!
We’re more than just another cannabis company, we’re a lifestyle!


Give back to the community that allows us to exist. In just the first few months our management team got boots on the ground in the Sioux Falls community. Several days, hundreds of dollars, and over 125 free meals have been provided for the homeless at the local BDHH so far, and much more pledged soon. The community needs to see how cannabis can bring people together.
We want to be a pillar in the community and be known for our efforts to help the community in any way possible!


We want nothing but the best for our people, patients and employees deserve nothing less. From the product on the shelf to the service you receive in each location alike, We set the standards “high” wink-wink and want our patients to hold us accountable.
We will go above and beyond to ensure the most premium patient experience at every Roy’zzz location.


Roy’zzz offers several training options that go far past the minimum requirements set by the state. We want to ensure the company meets and exceeds the compliance standards of South Dakota. Employee education and industry involvement is at the heart of the company’s morals.


We truly believe that with a little extra attention to detail, we will set ourselves apart from the competitors. Our top goal is to grow and manufacture the best range of quality medicinal products while also outsourcing from other local farms that meet or quality standards. As we assess the market, we see some gaps in the needs of the patients and feel we can fill that void with quality products that patients can easily afford.


We feel for the community because the current laws fail to make medicinal cannabis available for those who need it. Cannabis is a very important option for therapy that should be made readily accessible. Cannabis provides effective relief for people living with chronic ailments and conditions. We will continue to be advocates for the passing of an Adult-Use bill in 2024. Focus on the patient and all else will follow.